4 Tips To Infuse Your Home With Cozy Winter Scents

christmas wreath, potpourri and holiday cards
This holiday season, besides breaking out festival decorations and party plates, we are also sharing 4 tips on how to infuse your home with cozy winter scents.

It’s the annual holiday season which means it’s time to break out the festive decorations and party dishware! You might want to get into the mood with a curated playlist and festive wardrobe pieces. We’re here to share 4 tips on how to infuse your home with cozy winter scents. 

Essential Oils

cozy winter scents in essential oils in brown bottle

Essential oils can be mixed to create unique scents, and integrated into room scents, diffusers and candles. Versatility is key. Besides scenting your space, essential oils can also be used to fight ailments like infections, fatigue and colds. We recommend Fir Needle, Spruce, Cinnamon and Sandalwood flavours for a woody and musky winter medley. 

Christmas Wreaths

christmas gold and green wreath featuring cozy winter scents

When considering wreaths, you might think of them as door ornaments. But they are incredibly versatile accessories, and can sit on mantles, bookshelf tops, or as modified table pieces! Fresh bouquets featuring a mix of berries, evergreens like firs and pines and eucalyptus will deliver a refreshing mix of scents. If you plan on making your own, consider customizing with dried fruit like oranges and herbs like rosemary.

Mulled Wine 

mulled wine in pot

A natural way to infuse your home with cozy winter scents is to simmer mulled wine. We’re recommending a slow cooker recipe to allow the simmer to last a full three hours – long enough to let the delicious fragrance of herbs, spices and fruits to saturate your home. 


potpourri with cozy winter scents

The classic method withstands the test of time for a reason! Mix your favourite dry fruit, herbs, and spices into small decorative dishes and leave them strategically throughout your home for a holiday look and scent. If you’re the DIY decorating type, potpourri can also be combined into decorative pieces with candles and boosted with essential oils.  

Putting a little extra care into scenting your home can elevate the festive season for your loved ones and friends. Enjoy the holidays together with all your senses!

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